Liutertec  was started out of a need to innovate in the area of buying and selling of string instruments, so that both the buyer and seller can be better informed about the general condition of a particular instrument.


  • Purchasing support:
    We analyse both the current state and history of the instrument you are about to buy, guaranteeing that the purchaser receives a reliable estimate of its actual worth.
  • Sales support:
    Utilising scientific methods, we are able to verify the current condition of the instrument being sold, allowing the purchaser to observe all the components of the instrument in a complete and impartial fashion.
  • Maintenance support:
    Our technologically up to date testing methods allow us to identify any structural damage the instrument may have due to either it being mishandled or due to wear and tear; a report is then produced which serves as a guide for any restorative works to be carried out on it, as well as for any compensation claims.


  • Monitoring the current condition of instruments:
    Thanks to our non invasive scientific methods of analysis, it is possible to create a diagnostic condition report of one’s entire collection that enables us: • to ascertain the current condition of your instruments, whilst comparing it to previous assessments carried out on them so as to register any changes found over time; • To Identify damage and wear and tear in a non invasive way so as to understand how best to restore them; • To discover if any alterations have been performed on any instrument licensed out to other parties once they have been returned to the collection.
  • Authentication and Estimate Procedures Support:
    Testing performed by our team has proven effective in revealing important information on the actual instrument maker, allowing us to determine: • structural elements • distinctive features • age of the wood


  • Periodic monitoring of musical instruments on loan:
    Analysis on the effects age has on the current state of an instrument with follow up testing on the adequacy of current conservation methods;
  • Analysis of risk factors on an instrument during transportation:
    checks carried out on conservation methods and on the effects transportation may have on instruments with testing performed both before transportation as well as on their return to site.
  • Certification of condition post-damage:
    In case of damages, our condition report which is compiled utilising non invasive scientific methodologies is a reliable diagnostic tool for the safeguard of your instruments.


The testing procedures in place for compiling the condition report allow us to determine the current status of an instrument so as to:

  • Estimate its commercial value
  • Reveal any damage an instrument may have incurred to help with any compensation claims


We work to identify which string instrument is most suited to our clients’ needs with particular focus on Violins, Violas, Cellos and Double Basses, whilst following all required protocols during the process of either buying or selling. We are sensitive to the requests of both buyers and sellers, working as intermediaries in an impartial way to bring both parties together.

The analysis of a string instrument during the negotiation process between the buyer and seller allows us to verify its current condition and value, thus guaranteeing further transparency leading up to the purchase.