Liutertec has developed a new Diagnostic Condition Report specific for string instruments


Traditionally, any checks carried out on an instrument are done exclusively by a expert, who bases their evaluation on all observable components of the instrument as well as on previous certifications attributed to it.

However, by doing so, they are not availing themselves of a methodology that is objectively recognised, thus producing an evaluation that is merely subjective and that utilises only empirical data.


Research combined with experience in the field of string instruments and in particular in those played with a bow have allowed us to fully understand the importance of the current protocols related to the filling out of all certifications as well as all the problems that may arise both before and after the sale of an instrument.

Regardless of who the buyer is, be it a museum, or a collector or final purchaser, our objective is that of observing a instrument through objective and non invasive methods of investigation. Our primary task is to draw up a condition report that integrates traditional observation methods as well as the application of non destructive scientific methods through the use of technologically advanced equipment which is completely transportable. Our work aims to verify the actual true condition of an instrument, operating as both a support for the authentication process and for its appraisal for commercial purposes.


We have chosen to invest in various forms of technology and portable equipment to aid in understanding the impact that the transportation of an instrument as well as the simple playing of it have. The information gathered utilising our observational protocols; carried out and analysed in our laboratory are then able to help us with generating a comprehensive and scientifically proven condition report.