Liutertec, the winning start-up of the Fund for the development of new technologies to support cultural heritage, thanks to the collaboration with La Sapienza University and the University of Tuscia, has developed a new Diagnostic Condition Report specific for the instruments of violin making, through which can highlight the status of a musical instrument and monitor the progress of the state of conservation, also serving as support for the authentication process thanks to the techniques of dating and compositional analysis.

Sole Director: Angelica Pierri
Member: Maurizio Bucci

Scientific operator: Greta Vicentini 
Supervisor: Stefano Ridolfi


Angelica and Maurizio one day hold in their hands a vintage violin that no expert has the courage to evaluate. It carries an important name but that name does not match the typical details that the instrument should have to confirm its noble origin.
In their minds an idea resounds: why not use the tools of scientific analysis to evaluate and date the instruments of violin making?
Angelica and Maurizio start the experiments that, surprisingly, allow them to go back to the author of the violin. This is how the Liutertec startup was born.
Thanks to the collaboration of the Department of Environmental and Botanical Biology of Sapienza University of Rome, the two founders develop a detailed analysis system, which also includes preliminary investigations - UV, infrared, RX and endoscopy.
From the radiographs of the instruments emerge any tareferic channels and other noteworthy details, which allow an accurate assessment to be made.
The sound of an ancient violin resonates with the years that have shaped the wood but to evaluate its value and age is another music. For this reason Liutertec, at the first investigations also supports dendrochronology, the study of tree growth rings, which offers definite answers with respect to dating and "can determine objectively the attribution aspects". The subjective judgment issued by experts can be confirmed by a sort of score that time has recorded in the tree. Through a comparison with hundreds of wood samples from other instruments it is possible to trace the least waste to the date of birth of the instrument. The soul of maple, the tight weave of the fir contains valuable information.
Here with Liutertec the evaluation of the instruments changes, their story becomes a priceless music.
Source: Volume Lazio Creativo 2018 - Elisa Cappai